Security Tips for Homes with Automated Locks

Locked In N Out - Security Tips for Homes with Automated Locks

Automated locks are extremely convenient, as they allow you to lock and unlock your doors remotely from your smartphone or computer. You can give time-limited access to house guests, construction workers, babysitters, and more. You can lock your door from the car or the office if you forgot to lock it on your way out, and you never have to worry about being locked out again.

Yet automated locks also open up a new type of security threat: cyber attacks. Here are some security tips for protecting your automated locks and the network to which they are connected:

Choose Z-Wave Certification

Z-Wave is a top wireless standard for home security devices. Z-Wave certified devices have undergone rigorous testing for both performance and security. They are able to communicate with each other, but they have a strong layer of protection against cyber attacks. Many of the biggest names in smart locks, including Kwikset and Yale, are Z-Wave certified, but not all brands are.

Research the Network Operations Center (NOC)

Your network operations center stores your data offsite and manages your interactive service network. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that it has adequate security controls. The top standard for NOC security is ISO/IEC 27001:2005, so be sure to verify with your interactive services installer that the NOC is accredited to that standard.

Follow All Manufacturer Protocols

Only work with security dealers who rigorously follow all manufacturer protocols and recommendations for secure device and networking installation and management. Steer clear of highly discounted offers from unknown shops, who could be cutting corners and putting your network at risk. Asking about Z-Wave and NOC certification is an excellent way to check out the dealer before you commit.

Protect Yourself

Your installer and NOC can only go so far toward keeping you safe. You must also take proactive steps to protect your home network:

  • Rename your router to something only you know
  • Change the password frequently, using at least eight characters including numbers and symbols
  • Create a guest password for visitors
  • Choose WPA2 router security, which uses stronger encryption than WEP
  • Add a firewall, or turn on the one that came pre-installed with your operating system or security software

Locked In N Out has extensive knowledge and experience in the home and commercial security spaces. We will assess your home or business, identify potential security risks, and help you choose the right products to combat those threats. We will also install them and ensure that your security is the best it can be.

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