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Compliment your door with the right hardware.

Compliment Your Door With The Right Hardware

Did you know that a proper door hardware completes the overall look of your door? Yes you heard it right, finding an appropriate door handle is as important as finding the right entry door and from a customers’ perspective we understand how confusing it can get. There are many types of door handles, handle sets, […]
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Lock Change

Lock Change Service in Greater Boston

Have you ever experienced a burglary at your house? Or just simply lost your keys or had them stolen? If so, then you already have an idea of exactly how frightening it is. When you see that your property is not that secure any longer, you will certainly feel uneasy. What’s more discouraging is to […]
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lock rekey

Why You Should Rekey Your House

A lock rekey is one of the most affordable and most effective ways to deter crime. Let’s get proactive about protecting our homes. Learn under what scenarios you should rekey your locks and why. Call Locked In N Out today for a free rekey quote. You Bought a New-Construction Home If you purchased a new build, you […]
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Fresh Lock Installation With Keypad Entry Lockset

Fresh Lock Installation With Keypad Entry Lockset

Locks keep homes, possessions, and most importantly families safe. If you need someone to install a deadbolt or a door lock, choose the trustworthy locksmiths at Locked In N Out. Our lock installation services put safety first. Fresh Lock Installation At Locked In N Out, we specialize in fitting fresh locks. “Fresh” means that we install a […]
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Locked In N Out - 24/7 Locksmith Services in Boston Area

Improve Your Home Front Door Security

As your first point of contact with the outside world, your front door deserves extra security. To make break-ins as difficult as possible for a would-be intruder, professional locksmiths recommend taking certain steps. Preventing crime on your property can be as easy as following these five tips. Invest in Bright Outdoor Lighting A criminal’s illicit […]
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Locked In N Out - Safety Deposit Locksmith Services

Safety Deposit Locksmith Services

Safety Deposit Locksmith Help Most safe deposit lock servicing boils down to opening and repairing a box when a key is not available. Safety deposit box – lock out and lock replace Why Offer Safe Deposit Lock Service? The vast majority of safe deposit lock work is done today by dedicated bank equipment service companies.  […]
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Locked In N Out - Locking Yourself Out

Prevent Locking Yourself Out of Your Home

It happens to the best of us, especially these days with juggling so many things at one time: Locking yourself out of your house. There are things you can do ahead of time to prevent this misadventure from happening to you. Our locksmiths are frequently called out to Boston, MA homes to help homeowners who’ve […]
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Locked In N Out - Locksmith New Year’s Resolutions

Locksmith New Year’s Resolutions

While you’re thinking about hitting up the gym more or perhaps reading more books as your New Year’s resolutions this year, you should also take a second to think about your locks as well! Here are a few New Year’s resolutions we think could help you out as you go into new year. Remember Your […]
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Locked In N Out - Security Tips for Homes with Automated Locks

Security Tips for Homes with Automated Locks

Automated locks are extremely convenient, as they allow you to lock and unlock your doors remotely from your smartphone or computer. You can give time-limited access to house guests, construction workers, babysitters, and more. You can lock your door from the car or the office if you forgot to lock it on your way out, […]
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