Why You Should Rekey Your House

lock rekey

A lock rekey is one of the most affordable and most effective ways to deter crime. Let’s get proactive about protecting our homes. Learn under what scenarios you should rekey your locks and why. Call Locked In N Out today for a free rekey quote.

You Bought a New-Construction Home

If you purchased a new build, you may think that you are pretty safe from unauthorized keys, but think again! Some unscrupulous home builders key locks to neighboring homes alike or to a common master key, which makes sense for business during the construction phase, but can put you at risk after you moved in. Even the most cautious home builders need to give out your key from time-to-time during the final stages of the construction process. Many individuals may have had access to your keys including construction workers, sales and office personnel, subcontractors, or even a home inspector. For true peace of mind, rekey your locks to a combination unique to your home.

You Bought a Previously Lived-In Home

The previous homeowners could have given your keys to just about anyone including housekeepers, friends, family members, or neighbors. They may have even kept a copy for themselves. Just think about how many other keys could be out there! There really is no way for you to ever know. Rekey your locks today to sleep safer tonight!

You Let Someone Go

When you have to let someone go who had a key to your house, it is time to rekey those locks. Anyone who had your key, even for a short period could have made a copy of your key, no questions asked, at any hardware store. Vengeful ex-spouses or disgruntled ex-employees are not people we want having your keys!

You Lost Your Keys

If you totally lost your keys, you should absolutely rekey your locks. You will never know if they were just lost or if they were stolen. Even if they were lost for just a short period of time and recovered, a criminal would have time to take a quick photo of a key to later get a copy and unlock your doors! If you absolutely know your keys were safe, like they fell down into the couch cushions and it took you a day or two to find them, don’t worry about rekeying unless you fall into any of the other categories above.

What is a rekey anyway?

The result is that your old key will no longer work to unlock your doors so people you may not want coming in your home won’t be able to get in with the old key. Once one of our highly trained locksmiths has arrived at your home they will remove the core of your lock, reset the pins to a different combination, make you a new custom key, put the lock back together and test the key’s operation to ensure a perfect match. This process only takes about 10-15 minutes per lock and could save you hundreds of dollars versus buying new hardware.

Ready to rekey the locks in your home?

If you are ready to form a relationship with a reliable, trustworthy locksmith, request a free quote from Locked In N Out today or call us at (617) 599-7435

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