Halloween and Break-ins

Halloween and Break-ins

Fall is upon us, which means Halloween is creeping its way to the forefront of our mind. It’s an exciting time filled with haunted houses and pumpkin carving. Amid all the seasonal activities we can often forget that the Halloween season is an incredibly vulnerable time for homeowners. High volumes of foot traffic on your property can lead your home vulnerable to accidents or even vandalism or break-ins. Following these Halloween safety tips can save you from burglary and help keep your Halloween incident free!


Having a dark front yard and walkway may complete the spooky atmosphere you’re looking for but it can be a danger to the kids. Keeping your yard and doorway well lit is important. Trick-or-treaters will often run from home to home without following the sidewalk so make sure bikes, plants, wet leaves, decorations, and other tripping hazards are visible and out of high traffic areas.

Similarly, a dark front yard will invite pranksters (or even burglars) to damage or steal from your home. Keeping a well lit front yard deters pranksters from feeling safe to vandalize your property. Studies have found, the better lit your home the lower your chances are for break-ins. Thieves will take advantage of the distracting high volume foot traffic around your house to break into cars or garages. Keeping your car doors locked and in a closed and secured garage can prevent car vandalism and break-ins. Additionally, keeping your car away from high traffic areas can prevent children from accidentally scratching or denting your vehicle.


If you are planning on leaving your home during the night of Halloween (to take your kids tricker-or-treating or to attend a seasonal party) it is vital that you take a few steps to ensure your home is secure. Thieves are actively looking for signs that homes are left unattended and Halloween night is an especially vulnerable time for many homeowners. Make sure you don’t turn off your indoor or outdoor lights. Do not leave a big bowl of candy with a “Take one piece only!” sign on your front doorway. These are indicators to thieves and pranksters that your home is an easy target.

If you can, ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your home. Always double-check that your front door, garage door, shed door, and any other rear or side entryways are locked and secured. Don’t leave jack-o-lanterns or other fire hazards left unattended. You want to make sure no trick-or-treaters will trip and hurt themselves on your property and that burglars don’t see your home as low hanging fruit.


Finally, have a locksmith inspect your home’s security. Having a security professional check on doorways and other common entry points can help you rest assured your home and family are safe. If you need to increase the security of your home this Halloween season contact the Locked In N Out. Feel free to reach us by phone at (617) 599-7435 or visit our free quote page. If you have any questions get in contact with us and we can provide over 20 years worth of experience to help improve your security.

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