Fresh Lock Installation With Keypad Entry Lockset

Fresh Lock Installation With Keypad Entry Lockset

Locks keep homes, possessions, and most importantly families safe. If you need someone to install a deadbolt or a door lock, choose the trustworthy locksmiths at Locked In N Out. Our lock installation services put safety first.

Fresh Lock Installation

At Locked In N Out, we specialize in fitting fresh locks. “Fresh” means that we install a deadbolt by drilling precise holes into the door. When you want to purchase a new door or install a deadbolt for the first time, both require a fresh installation. From front and back to sliding and garage, our professionals can secure doors of all shapes, sizes, and materials.

While do-it-yourself projects are incredibly popular, it’s wise to leave the locks to the professionals. Installing a deadbolt isn’t as easy as it looks. Making one mistake could irreparably damage the door, or even worse, jeopardize your safety. When our residential locksmith installs a lock, you’ll have peace of mind.

Our Advantages

As a locally owned and operated business, we enjoy serving the Boston community. Below are some of the ways we go above and beyond:

  • Affordable pricing: Our locksmiths work for reasonable rates. Better yet, we don’t have hidden fees.
  • Customer Service: We’re friendly people (who appreciate a little humor in a tense situation) and we really care. Whether you need us to install a door lock or to retrieve keys from a locked car, we’re here to help.
  • Dependability: Never trust a locksmith of ill repute. Read our Yelp and Google Reviews to learn more about our trustworthy reputation.

If you are ready to form a relationship with a reliable, trustworthy locksmith, request a free quote from Locked In N Out today or call us at (617) 599-7435


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