Compliment Your Door With The Right Hardware

Compliment your door with the right hardware.

Did you know that a proper door hardware completes the overall look of your door?

Yes you heard it right, finding an appropriate door handle is as important as finding the right entry door and from a customers’ perspective we understand how confusing it can get. There are many types of door handles, handle sets, and hardware to choose from.

Get it all right for your door!

These days you have a lot of styles for your exterior door hardware.

Keyed entry doorknobs and levers – they usually have a deadbolt above them. A deadbolt is a secondary locking mechanism, operated by a key and a thumb turn. The doorknob is the round mechanism used to open and close the door. Doorknobs come in a variety of materials, such as antique brass, rubbed bronze or satin nickel. Instead of a doorknob, some doors have levers/door handle that either turn up or down.

Entry Door Handle Sets – If your choice is more of an elegant look, a handle is what you should be looking for. Most handle sets don’t have a lock on the handle itself, but come with a matching deadbolt. Handle sets may also come in different options: single door entry, glass door entry, and double door entry.

For single door entry, there’s a handle and deadbolt on the outside, and a thumb turn on the inside that locks or unlocks the door. Full glass entry doors sometimes contain double cylinder deadbolts.

For double front entry doors, two handle sets are needed – one for each door. Usually, one door is active and locks/unlocks, while the other one is inactive.

There are also different styles of handle sets: sectional, monolithic, and full length.

For sectional handle sets, the handle and deadbolt are separated. Monolithic handle sets are more unique; one plate holds the deadbolt and the top of the handle, while another plate holds the bottom of the handle. Full length handle sets include a single plate that covers the deadbolt and the entire handle.

Get the look right!

Don’t mix up your rustic entry doors with a modern handle. Ensure that the handsets matches the door’s hinges and threshold.

  • For a modern look – a door lever complements many modern doors.
  • For a rustic look use a sectional or monolithic handle set.
  • For a classic choice consider a full length handle set.

Know the difference between tubular and mortise sets!

Tubular locks typically have 2 bores (holes). One bore is for the deadbolt lock and the other for a tubular latch incorporated within a knob, lever, or handle. In summary, you have a knob and above it, a deadbolt lock.

There are a lot of additional upgrades available like keyless entry (electronic locks) and locking systems.

Stay tuned for more on locking systems.

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