Advantages of Having Smart Locks in the New Year

Advantages of Having Smart Locks in the New Year

It’s a New Year, a great time to evaluate the locks and security in your home beginning with smart locks and what they are all about. A smart lock is an option for securing your home that has come out of the smart home technology industry. Basically a smart lock replaces the traditional lock and key on a home’s entry with a computerized touchscreen keypad. To gain entry to a home with a smart lock you simply use the keypad to enter the authorization code /password, and the door automatically unlocks.

There are a number of advantages to replacing a traditional lock and key with a smart lock.

Foremost, is that you no longer have to carry a key or worry about misplacing a key. Theft of a key is also not an issue. With a smart lock you have the ability to change the password frequently.

Control Your Security

If you want to keep someone who has the code from entering your home, you can simply change the code. If your son wrote the code on a piece of paper and lost the paper, you can change the code. If the dog walker that you gave the code to is no longer in your employ, you can change the code. If you want to give the next door neighbor the code to enter your home and water your plants while you are on vacation, you can change the code when you return.

Smart locks provide an ease of use and a peace of mind that you can’t get with a traditional lock and key. Especially since keys can be easily duplicated.

Peace of Mind Wherever You Are

Other advantages to having a smart lock depend on the third-party application you have. The Schlage Encode™ Smart Lock, for example, works with a wide range of applications, including Amazon’s Cloud Cam, Key by Amazon and Ring security products as well as the Schlage Home app. Most systems allow you to control and monitor your lock from anywhere using your smartphone. So, if you are on vacation and wonder if you locked the front door before you left home, you simply have to check your phone.

Additional Smart Lock Perks

Smart locks make a statement about the owners before a guest enters the front door. The keypads are sleek and stylish and give the impression that the homeowner is technologically advanced. The Yale Assure SL smart lock, for example, has an onyx face and a small footprint and comes in brushed silver, polished brass or oil-rubbed bronze. The numeric keypad is only illuminated with you press the bottom left corner, so the numbers disappear when not in use. When paired with the Network Module and Apple HomeKit, you have the ability to tell Siri to lock and unlock your door in addition to other functions, including Auto Relock which you can turn on to be sure that your door always locks behind you. The Yale Assure SL does come with two keys to be used as back-up, but not all smart locks offer this feature.

Convenient Security Features

Some smart locks have additional features such generating smartphone alerts when someone unlocks the door with their user code. This is especially helpful for working parents who want the peace of mind in knowing that their children have returned home from school or other activities. Some smart locks generate logs which show who entered and exited the home and at what time, which can be vital information in the event of a theft. Voice activation is another feature of many smart locks. To lock or unlock a door you simply say the command into your smartphone.

Many smart locks on the market today also have geofencing capability which allows you to use the mobile app to set up a perimeter around your home. When the smart lock senses that you are within the perimeter, it automatically unlocks the door. When you leave the perimeter, it automatically locks the door.

Smart locks are as secure as the passwords used to gain access to a home. Just like your computer, smartphone, bank accounts and other items where you want to limit access, the strength of your password is in direct correlation to the secure access of your home. If you use your home address as your password, a thief will probably gain access to your home. But, for the most part, smart locks are more secure than traditional locks which can be picked by thieves.

A Licensed Locksmith Can Help

Overall, while smart locks do cost more than traditional key locks, they provide much more convenience and security. They can be installed by homeowners, but often working through the steps to link the smart lock to the home system can be tough for those who aren’t technologically savvy. Reputable Locksmiths have experience in installing these devices and making sure they work properly and to their optimum capability based on a homeowner’s preferences.

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